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4 P's of Paddle Board Purchase Preparation


4 P's of Paddle Board Purchase Preparation

Danielle Brown

The clock flashes a 6 handle. It's dark because it's fall. The bed feels warm and inviting. I could put my cheek back onto the threads and pull the fluffy bedding up to temple. But it's Saturday and these are the mornings that I never, ever regret. I made a plan to meet a friend to paddle. She will be waiting for me soon. I throw the layered bedding in unison off my sleepy form and bare legs hit the fall breeze through the nearby screen. Quick shudder and I go.

What's it like to tour the open sea as the sun breaks? To me, it's like a jolt of remembrance – a brisk hello of life. Here I am on the water and now, oh so awake. The fog has cleared from the neckline and settles like a fuzzy kitty to the feet.  "Coffee Talk" takes on a new meaning as visions are relayed and plans are sharpened rat-a-tat tat. You see, support comes two-fold at a (H2) bOard meeting.  Not a moment to spare, we've made it to the perfect vantage to see the sun crest in the early morning sky. Warm rays are promising for the sun-shining day ahead.

To all my friends who have ever asked me for suggestions on how to select their first paddle board, the time is so now to consider a purchase. Long Island Sound is still warm, there are great deals abound and I look forward to meeting up with you, on the liquid road.

Here are my Four P's for Paddle Board Purchase Preparation

  1. PURPOSE: Are your planning for long distance paddles for fitness or touring? Do you want to add Yoga and meditative floats? Do you want to race for competition, endurance and training? Will the board be housed at the beach, at the ready for SUP surfing? The shape, length, width, volume, composition and fin of a SUP board will affect its performance. Consider its principal purpose and the waterway to be traveled. While most boards these days can hold court for both yoga and touring flat-water (for instance), there are many nuances across the plethora of styles, brands and price points.
  2. PROPERTY: Will you be the principal user of the new board? Do you plan to tote your tot or pup? While a larger board will be a little more to maneuver, (in general) the longer and wider the board the more stable it will be when adding littles to your adventures. Make sure the board works for each intended captain (or captains) of the ship.
  3. PRACTICALITY: You got your very own board! I hope you use it! Consider the supplies to make the launch easy – slim storage in the garage, thule system or straps for the car's roof (or space within the trunk if the board is inflatable), paddle and a personal floatation device (for each intended explorer). Check the board's carry weight to ensure voracious use. And while you are at it, make friends with some weather app and not just to know when to switch from short sleeve to long. Things like wind speed and tide are important markers when making a paddle date.
  4. PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Is the season's "it" color emerald green or fire burnt orange? I never know! While we might all be in jeans at some point this fall, the style, fit and hue will likely be unique. It's the same with those boards. Consider deck pad patterns - will your knee be down for a yoga lunge? Does an un-ridged pad feel less stable on the feet's grab? And the variety of bells + whistles that each brand emblazes! Like the spirit of jeans' bedazzled - the options are shiny and loads of fun. Boards provide flair with design and cool features galore.

My suggestion is to give a few boards a try and FEEL for the right fit. I think you'll be surprised at your decisiveness when you do. 

For more information and to speak to a knowledgeable sales person, I highly recommend Downunder in Westport, CT. They have a wide range of new and used boards for sale as well as an experienced, friendly staff team to help. 

Please send me a picture of your new addition! I'd be delighted to meet the new member of your team. #supon #allaboard