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Thumbs up stand up paddle board and land yoga classes, trainings and retreats by Danielle Brown. 

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Imagine immersing in a tropical locale, where the trade winds blow refreshingly and the sea water trucks from turquoise to deep navy. The North Sound of Virgin Gorda houses, what I believe to be, the pinnacle Caribbean retreat destination for its natural beauty and its natural confluence of water adventurers.

The opportunities during the stay at the Bitter End Yacht Club are plentiful, ranging from languid swims and lulled on-board meditations to paddle fitness sprints and spirited evenings ashore. It's your election each day how you want to fill your cup. Everything available is in the spirit of adventure and custom tailored to your Desired degree of exertion.

Consider booking now so that when the winter season begins, you can hang ten knowing that you'll soon be warmed – by a radiant sun, friendly staff, new friends, fresh perspectives and perhaps, an otherworldly experience to remember for a lifetime.


Bitter End Yacht Club

North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Feb. 6th - Feb. 11th 2018

CALL 1-800-872-2392

By sea craft or air, the Bitter End Yacht Club welcomes you to the Stand Up Paddle Board retreat hub of the Caribbean

I attended the retreat and it ranked as one of the most fulfilling trips ever. Danielle takes such care, is an incredibly skilled instructor and the experience was second to none. Plus, the Bitter End is the perfect setting for such an adventure and they have made their mark as the SUP destination in the BVIs.
— Donna K.
Great memories of the Baths, Saba Rock and the great sushi restaurant...and the SUP :). Wish we could have stayed longer.
— Lara R.


Bitter End Yacht Club. Virgin Gorda, BVI. 1-31-17 to 2-5-17

Danielle’s Retreat to the Bitter End far surpassed what I had expected - it was magical! The location in the BVi, low-key vibe, and the people I both met and were with, all contributed to one amazing trip and experience. I can’t wait to sign up for next year’s trip! it is truly one unforgettable experience.
— Julie C.
The memories of our amazing experience last Feb are still strong and already can’t wait to make more next year!... Please count me in for 2018! Where and when shall I sign up?
— Caitlin W.

Miss you all! (and sliced mango, flip flops, toasty banana bread, my snorkel, the indoor shower that feels like an outdoor shower, hammocks, my walk home flashlight, panko-like sand, looking at the water upside down, rainbows and feeling like a kid who played outside for a week straight!) Where do I sign for next year?
— Andrea C.
I just went through Mar’s gorgeous pictures and I want to weep —- I cannot believe how wonderful that trip was! And you all look so gorgeous in your SUP yoga poses. I would do every single SUP yoga/land yoga/SUP class if we could have a trip redo...perhaps next week?
— Courtney O.

Most photographs by ishootbvi, World Class Caribbean photographer