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Darien, CT, 06820


Thumbs up stand up paddle board and land yoga classes, trainings and retreats by Danielle Brown. 


2016 SUP & Yoga Retreat to the Bitter End Yacht Club

Danielle Brown

Every morning at the Bitter End Yacht Club I woke before the alarm. New themes each morning to plan for, outings outlined in the mind, sequences that heal and intrigue  permeated with a smile. Then there was a consideration of the breeze and a calculation of those boards and where to think? Perhaps another moment in this cozy bed or better yet, that softly weathered hammock, beckoning from the deck. 

"Beep beep beep beep" a fruitless sound, not here but left well back in the room. 

In February of '16, seventeen men and women from Ohio to the shores of CT and a twosome with a pirate ship in DC (this, I do not fib!) traveled and trekked by sea and air craft to Virgin Gorda isle.  BEYC's second annual SUP & Yoga retreat made special from seventeen's ambition, grace and heck of style. 

It was something to remember. The photos below are but a sliver. Thank you for capturing it all so well, Mar Javierto, of ishootbvi. I'll upload here and there as I continue to plow nostalgically through the pile. 

See you next year, my forever friends. The alarm, I will not need.