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Darien, CT, 06820


Thumbs up stand up paddle board and land yoga classes, trainings and retreats by Danielle Brown. 


Application for ASI Level I Certificiation

Danielle Brown

Reason for Study. Please write down in not less than 50 words why you would like to undertake this course.
I grew up a competitive swimmer and water has always been my draw. I often go down to the beach in the dead of winter. I watch the cold tide until the swell is once more engrained and whisper a soft prayer for a short cold season. The wait is important though, because I'm like a shot off the block when the weather turns and fresh eyes flick to discovering the landscape once more from my place on a board. SUP yoga requires a whole new relationship with balance. I enjoy the core work that it entails and incorporating the elements during a solid stretch. I'll often be find meditating right there off the shore - inhale reach long the paddle, exhale draw smooth along the rail and feather out at the hip. Repeat. But what brings the biggest smile to my face, above all that and more, is watching someone else as they stand for the first time or move through a sun salute and their face is beaming with pride in accomplishment and sheer elation of their own unanchored courage. Yes, thumbs up to that.