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Thumbs up stand up paddle board and land yoga classes, trainings and retreats by Danielle Brown. 


A Tale of a Teacher

Nicole Greene

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved yoga, because of the way it
made her feel and because of the feelings she felt less of after going
to class. You see, she had spent years as a full throttle Mom and a
professional Professional. When she declawed from diapers and caught the
early train, an oasis of Elements Yoga & Wellness Center awaited with a
warm studio, kind staff and a teacher or two who played really rockin

Yoga was a snippet of time allocated to herself and reclaiming that was
like the relish on a hot summer day, a sensational delight and
absolutely necessary. She actually found herself able to more of the
stuff she really liked to do and weather more of the stuff she liked
less to do just because of a robust dusting of some of the internal
stuff. Pretty cool. And you would think that that is the
happily-ever-after to this story but no, there is even more.

The girl submitted her application to the teacher training program
because she wanted more yoga please. She poured through texts, expounded
on the connections and did her best with anatomy. The girl held a secret
though, well it actually wasn't that secret, she was terrified of
speaking publically and her heart billowed each time the teacher asked
for a volunteer. It's a funny thing though, stepping up and battling her
real fear, that of failure, did more than just alleviate with practice,
it inspired her.

So I am still not a King's Speech orator but I can certainly say that
I've come a long way at slowing down, tuning in and expressing myself
heartfully, with confidence. And for that, I am awash with gratitude.

The Teacher Training program at Elements Yoga and Wellness Center will
challenge and reward you. If you're lucky, you'll meet a bunch of
like-minded folks that may turn into dear friends. One thing I can
assure you, your teacher, through this program, will amaze you and will
pull from you your deepest desires. Are you ready?

Teacher Training at Elements starts on March 7th